Composite Panels


Extruded Polystrene brand DOW STYROFOAM™ supplied by Austech External Building Products Queensland can be used to make composite panels of many forms. Composite panels are a load-bearing, lightweight laminated structure. The strength and performance of Composite Panels which can be analyzed in the same way as that of a steel beam.

Composite Panels are used for many applications

  • Trucks for chilled and Refrigerated Transport
  • Caravans, Campers and Camper trailers
  • self supporting Roof Panels
  • False Ceilings
  • Internal Partitions

The performance and durability of a composite paneling depends upon the proper integrated ingredient and the manufacturing process itself.

Austech Queensland stock Extruded Polystrene brand DOW STYROFOAM™ in four different thicknesses ready to distribute throughout Queensland.


All thicknesses have a compression strength of 300KPA

Temperatue Limit of -50/+ 75°C.

  1. 2500x600x25mm   R- Value .86
  2. 2500x600x50mm   R – Value 1.72
  3. 2500x600x75mm   R – Value 2.50
  4. 2500x600x100mm R – Value 3.33
styro Foam