Wall Insulation

Timber Insulation

Timber frame insulation

STYROFOAM brand insulation sheathing can save energy of timber frame structures in ways plywood and fiberboard cannot:
•By significantly increasing the overall insulation value
•By deceasing heat flow through the wood framing
•By reducing air infiltration into the building
•By reducing convective looping in the wall cavities

 Exterior Wall insulation


Building energy Requirements have become seriously upgraded and implemented all over the world. Australia is no exception. STYROFOAM brand planed insulation products are contributing to this trend by providing Exterior Wall Insulation with high performance required as insulation to this system: high and long-lasting R-value, high resistance to moisture, balanced mechanical strength, a good workability with adhesive and renders, and easy handling at sites.



Interior Wall Insulations


STYROFOAM™ brand insulation products provide excellent properties which interior insulation requires: high resistance to water and water vapor, high R-value, high mechanical strength, clean and easy handling and installation. Its higher R-value achieves to maximize a precious floor space. STYROFOAM is widely used for internal wall insulation installing it independently with various materials and procedures.

STYROFOAM™ and wine storage:
Australia is renowned for it’s wine and successful wine storage requires constant temperature and high humidity, creating some unique problems for insulation. Most insulation would under perform in these conditions, however STYROFOAM™ is not affected by moisture in the air, so it is ideal for this unique application.

Metal Frame Insulation

Metal Frame Insulation

 Metal framing and studs are highly conductive to heat and the cold. In fact, thermal shorts through these parts substantially lower the effective R-value of the entire wall assembly. Condensation associated with steel frame structure and fiberglass bats is also a headache to building owners and architects. Just simply installing STYROFOAM brand insulation boards as an envelope on the exterior wall not only reduces its severe energy loss but also works as barrier to air leakage into and out of the wall structure. helping to solve natural problems of metal frame structures and extending the building service life.

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