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Cold Storage Insulation








STYROFOAM™ Brand LB-X cold storage Insulation is ideal for high load-bearing floors such as those found in cold stores. With long term proven performance and creep data, it is an ideal engineered product that designers may confidently specify in today’s increasingly highly loaded cold-store floor designs.

Cold storage insulation is one of the most extreme environments insulation can be exposed to, there is extreme cold, massive amounts of moisture from condensation, plus floor insulation has to cope with extreme pressure from vehicles and stored products.

STYROFOAM™ has been used extensively in cold room insulation, from small supermarket cold rooms to large commercial storage facilities.

When used in cold storage applications, STYROFOAM™  routinely outperforms other insulation products in maintaining insulation performance and supporting the imposed load. “Achieve Increasing Levels Of Energy Efficiency And Reduce Environmental Impacts”

Extruded Polystrene brand Dow STYROFOAM™ comes in a variety of compression strengths to suit almost every job. High compression strength is essential for floor insulation, it helps minimize deflection, reducing strain on the concrete slab and limits compression creep.

Extruded Polystrene DOW STYROFOAM™  is closed cell insulation, limiting its water absorption potential. Cold room insulation applications have high moisture content from condensation, which can sometimes freeze, causing huge problems for most insulation, DOW STYROFOAM™ maintains its high thermal properties even under these extreme pressures, providing long- term thermal performance.

For sandwich panel cores, STYROFOAM™’s close tolerance, dust-free surface allows for excellent bonding to a wide variety of sheet materials commonly used by the cold storage industry.

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